Acquiring As Many Twitter Followers As Possible

twitter marketingAlmost everyone has a Twitter account these days. I might be one of the few who doesn’t but this is merely by choice. For those of you who do have an account, I am here to help you. I am going to show you a few ways to get tons of followers for free.  If you prefer to go the fast route, you can also buy followers as well. All of these have been proven and are very useful. Let’s get started.

Getting More Followers

1) You need to follow others. This is a simple rule, but one that is every effective. Just follow everyone. Even if someone only says one thing you like, follow them. Why? The more people you follow, the more this will come back to you. If you follow over 1,000 people, about 900 will repay you in kind. Try it and see what happens.

2) Get in the habit of tweeting back. If you don’t do it back, you won’t get the followers. If your friend posts a thousand comments in one day, tweet back. Not only will your friend thank you, but the share will be public. You have to do this properly, though. Use “RT@Friend.” It’s simple and effective.

3) Another effective tool is giving credit where credit is due. If a friend of a friend posts something and you are responding, give that friend credit. I don’t care if you don’t really know the person, it’s the right thing to do.

4) Another rule of thumb is how often you tweet. If you want the followers, you need to be consistent. This means talk about what you are doing. No one is going to respond if you are stagnate. If you are a private person, like myself, this kind of social media account won’t work for you. Why? You have to be willing to share everything about your life, and I do mean everything. I don’t necessarily mean you need to tweet about going to the bathroom; although, some actually do this. You need to make it interesting. When it comes to twitter, you have to be willing to make your private life public.

5) You should also send out a warm and inviting feel to your life. Send out a welcoming message to new people. Tell them where to visit you on the web. Simple things like this make all the difference. It also means the difference between having 2 followers and 200.

6) Invite your followers to check out your other social media pages. If you are on Facebook, which most of us are, you have to display the links. Connect with your followers. Give them a reason to stay on your ride.


Milestones are important. Once you reach a certain milestone, you need to celebrate it. Make an announcement. Your followers are an important part of your life. They want to be recognized too. The second you fail to do this, that is the moment when your audience will begin to walk away.