What To Do If You Have An Overactive Root Chakra

Are you convinced that you currently have an overactive root chakra? This is one of the more problematic ones to fix. There are certain symptoms that you are going to experience, and when it is out of balance, it tends to be the result of a lack of grounding. From a clinical standpoint, at least from the perspective of those that understand this esoteric practice, the root chakra is all about grounding. You need to have a sense of security, feeling as if you are safe and focused, and without that this chakra is going to have a few problems.


What Symptoms Will You Notice?

There are certain symptoms that you are going to notice right away. First of all, you are going to feel insecure. You may start to think poorly about yourself, and overreact to things that people are saying. Essentially, it’s going to dramatically affect your emotions. However, this can actually be the result of something positive. For example, if you are undergoing some type of spiritual awakening, this is an indication that this is occurring right now. However, it’s not good to have it out of balance, which means you need to not only cleanse this chakra, but balance that energy so you start to feel better.

How Do You Cleanse The Root Chakra?

The first thing that someone will ask you that is helping you to clear this overactive root chakra is what type of life events you are currently experiencing. If you are currently going through an emotional roller coaster as a result of a relationship, or perhaps you have lost your job, these are all outside circumstances that can affect this chakra significantly. Blockages are typically associated with large amounts of negativity, often combined with self-pity. By talking this out, and also allowing someone to send their energy into the chakra which is balanced, it can help cleanse the blockage and also help you feel much better.

The power of the root chakra, because it is directly connected to the earth, is often the most difficult to cleanse. You will need to work with an individual that is extremely balanced, and is also able to channel a substantial amount of personal energy. Once everything is back to normal, this is going to be noticeable. You will feel positive energy and feelings of love. Most of all, you are going to feel centered and balanced, more than you have since it was out of balance, and you will form a strong appreciation for feeling this way from that point forward.