Glucosamine: The Joint Supplement Your Dog Needs

glucosamineThough dogs perform quite a lot of rigorous running and jumping activities over their lifetime, after a certain age, their joints begin to weaken from inflammation and their jumping and running activities gradually slow down or may even come to a complete halt. This is because of joint inflammation and arthritis.

This condition is known to adversely impair the social life of your canine friend, which is why many dog owners understand that it should be kept at bay as much as possible.

Dog Joint Inflammation and Arthritis

Inflammation and arthritis is a very clear and present danger to pets as they age. Of course, it’s only natural that most dogs experience a gradual decline in physical activity with age. However, some dogs do experience arthritis relatively early. As a dog owner, once you notice your dog experience pain while walking or a reluctance to run, then it’s time to act. Adding a joint supplement, such as glucosamine to your dog’s daily diet is one of the best ways to fight or mitigate the spread of inflammation. The supplement not only shields the dog from this worrying condition but also replenishes its body with some of the essential minerals contained in it.

How Does Glucosamine Help My Dog?

First and foremost, glucosamine is a naturally occurring chemical substance, contained within the fluids that surround the joints of both humans and animals. It helps with the body’s repair and production of cartilage. However, its level and power of production reduces with age. A glucosamine supplement can help your dog by restoring joint functionality and rebuilding worn out cartilage, which means less grinding and pain in the joints. This can mean more cardiovascular activity for your dog.

Proper Supplement Dosages

Like humans, every dog has a unique condition, as well as the right amount of dosage to go with such condition. Always make sure you consult with your vet so they can specify just how much dosage to add to your dog’s diet. The importance of this cannot be overstated, as each supplement has a unique dosage level per breed of dog. You can’t offer the same dosage for a Maltese Shih Tzu as for a Golden Retriever. For instance, this supplement on Amazon comes in a chew form: and they suggest varying the amount of chews by dog size. Smaller dogs may only get a couple chews but larger dogs would be safe eating 5 or more at a time. Also, depending on the level of joint inflammation severity and seriousness, vets may change dosage levels, to avoid overdosing on Glucosamine.

How Soon Do You See Results After Supplementing?

There’s no hard and fast time rule that tells you exactly when to start expecting results, as a plethora of factors ultimately decides and determine this. However, if after a few weeks of you adding glucosamine to your dog’s diet you don’t see any significant changes in your dog’s activity levels, then you should go back to your vet. This may be that your dog’s system is rejecting the supplement or as a result of underdosing.

Finding The Best Pet Insurance Company

catThere are several pet insurance companies available. They will vary on many aspects. For instance, the type of coverage which will be offered by different companies will vary. You need to take into consideration your pet species so that you will know the most suitable company which you can trust for the insurance coverage. There are some service providers who are known to respond within the shortest time after claims have been submitted. Those companies will be the best if you will be faced with an emergency. There are others which will restrict you on the type of vet whom you can hire if your pet will be faced with health complications. If you have your personal pet vet, then you need to ask the company whether it can settle bills which your personal pet will charge you when treating your pet.

Factors you need to consider so that you will locate the best pet insurance provider:

Time taken to process claims

The time it will take for different insurance policy providers to process your claim will vary. You will have done your pet a great favor if you will buy an insurance cover from a pet insurance company which is known to process the claims as soon as you claim them. You can ask other customers who have already purchased covers from the company so that you will know whether the company will respond fast to your claims or you will be left stranded for several months before you can be compensated.

Price of the coverage

Some of the policies available will be charged over a period of one year, a month or even lifetime. You should compare different covers provided so that you will know whether the cover which you are about to buy is economical for your specific period of time which you will like to insure your pet. If the pet has other health complications, you should factor them in the premiums which the company will charge you. It is always necessary to buy your cover from a company which will charge you fairly.

Online reviews

A company which has good online reviews will be in a better position of offering you great services. You can check on Better Business Bureaus from where you will know whether a given company has good reputation in offering outstanding services. If there are complaints which have been filed, the company should have good records of tackling them comprehensively. You should avoid any company which will tend to receive a lot of customer complaints which have not been solved.

Customer Service Experience

An insurance coverage should be readily available to help you after you have been faced with an accident. This makes it necessary to buy a policy in company which maintains good communication with their customers. The company should have an active email account, telephone numbers and even online chat where you can easily reach them so that you can file a claim in case of an emergency. A company which will maintain good communication will avoid you stress after your pet has been involved in an accident which will require their help.